if and nested if in excel 2011 for mac

“If” is a function in excel that can help us to do logical selection with the data. If  function not only can be used for single logical selection, but also can be used multiple times using nested if method so we can do a complex logical selection.

In If function, the parameter that we must be aware are:

  • logical test: in logical test, we test the data for logical evaluation (e.g: E5 > 10.000)
  • value if true: value that given if the logical evaluation result true
  • value if false: value that given if the logical evaluation result false

below is the example:

we want to evaluate the value of house of bean, the logical test is to evaluate the sales value (E15>500000), if the result is true, the answer will be “good”, if the result is false, the answer will be “bad”. By the function below, the result will be “good”.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 17.38.39

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